Sweet Tooth Candy Company
Not all candies are created equal. Indulge wisely.

Thanks to all of the orders over the holidays! The feedback was incredible - knowing that you all appreciate and enjoy freshly made confections made my decision to create new candies for Valentine's Day that much easier - so SWEET TOOTH CANDY CO. IS BACK THRU FEB 14, 2012!

Here are new items to tempt your sweethearts taste-buds this February:
  • Irish Coffee Espresso and Dark Chocolate Bark - double layers of dark chocolate and white chocolate infused with espresso powder and Bailey's Irish Cream topped with crushed espresso beans
  • Chocolate - Peanut Butter Bark - think "Peanut Butter Cup" spread out into a block of goodness topped with crushed blistered peanuts
  • Homemade "Snickers" - YES, a homemade version of one of the all time best candies - layers of chocolate, salted caramel, and peanutty nougat
  • Individual Salted Caramels - dusted with Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Raspberry Macarons with Chocolate Ganache - Traditional Pink French Macarons filled with raspberry infused chocolate ganache
And, back by popular demand:
  • Traditional Peanut Brittle – using kettle-“blistered” peanuts    
  •  Old Fashioned Butter-Nut Toffee – rich and buttery toffee coated in a blend of dark and semi-sweet chocolate topped with a coating of crushed toasted nuts
  • “Lucy Paws” – heavenly pecan and salted-caramel “Turtles” coated in a blend of dark and semi-sweet chocolate and dusted with fleur de sel
 About Sweet Tooth Candy Co.
  • All confections are made in small batches – making our products more hands on.
  • All confections are made to order – meaning they are fresh, not pre-manufactured.
  • No stabilizers, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup used in any products – because they are unnecessary.
  •  We use organic and sustainable ingredients when available. All sugars we use are certified organic.
  •  All recipes have been hand crafted by testing (and re-testing…) the best confectionery techniques, creating a high quality product using the best ingredients.

gift box and plastic wrapping 
  • Irish Coffee Espresso/Dark Chocolate bark (1 pound) - $24.
  • Chocolate - Peanut Butter Bark (1 pound) - $22.
  • Homemade "Snicker's" (1 pound - squares) - $28.
  • Raspberry/Chocolate Macarons - sold by the "each" - $2 each.
  • Peanut Brittle (1 pound) - $16.
  • Old Fashioned Butter Nut Toffee (1 pound) - $20.
  • Lesley's Original Peppermint Bark (1 pound) - $24.
  • "Lucy Paws" - sold by the each = $2.50 each. 10 each for $20. 20 each for $40.
Candy will be packaged in custom plastic packaging or white gift box (add $1.50 for box).

Shipping to all states available! (not included in pricing cost of candy)

Place orders 48 hours in advance (by 3pm) to have your candy freshly made and available for pick up or delivery!

Please click here for our email or here for all of our contact information regarding placing your order.

Not all candies are created equal. Indulge wisely.

Sweet Tooth Candy Co., is located in Newport Beach, CA. Created in 2011, its founder wanted to create traditional classic confections by using the “best of the best” ingredients available. Using no preservatives, additives, or HTFC’s, she set out to make the best tasting candies to appeal to each and everyone’s palates. And, she has; at least with her friends approval. Order some today and try for yourself.